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Permanent and Lifelong Weight Loss Secret

Ancient Chinese "Secret" Tea
To Burns Your Excess Body Fat
Up to 45% Faster!

...... A weight loss solution that seems to make no sense at all ...... until you understand the science behind this ancient Chinese "secret" ...... might a few days provide a lifelong solution for those of us who smell defeat before we even try to lose weight.

According to a new survey, 58% of Americans have made many attempts to lose weight ... unfortunately these efforts usually offer only short term results, Most people who do lose weight will quickly gain it back again.

In the past few years, at least 35 different scientific studies published in independent journals have proven original wild oolong slimming tea have powerful weight loss and fat-burning properties, the tea is known to have highest levels of a powerful fat-burning nutrient called antioxidants - polyphenols, The CBS Evening News reported, "antioxidants - polyphenols from original oolong tea, have a "amazing potency" against fat cells and significant "anti-obesity" benefits. In fact, the tea contains double more polyphenols than any other tea, although your BMR (basic metabolic rate) is usually fairly stable, Take the naturally occurring polyphenols supplement, will safely and effectively increase your BMR to a higher level, This means your metabolism will keep running efficiently, your body is better able to burn off more amount of calories, provide you with more energy, body heat and help replace the fat in the body, It is natural, clinically proven way to reach long-term weight loss goals.

The original wild oolong slimming tea is getting so much media attention because it is NOT a diet, is NOT a short term weight loss fix, this is the top rated weight loss tea, original oolong tea has been used as a natural weight loss product in China for at least 2,000 years, This may be your best option for losing and completely natural control of excess body fat, the tea is currently one the most popular weight loss product in the World. Fox News reported, "this may be a new way to help people lose weight."

  • A Life-long Weight Loss Miracle
  • A Lifelong Weight Loss Miracle

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Why Scientists Are Calling
Original Oolong Diet Tea
"The World's Strongest Fat Burner"

naturally raise metabolism, burn more calories, drink away excess fat

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, original wild oolong slimming tea contains the most powerful fat burner antioxidants - polyphenols, The naturally occurring polyphenol speeds the BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) thus causing the body to automatically burn more calories for body energy and heat. Through several years of clinical research and testing, the tea is scientifically proven to be a safe and effective means of losing weight. the most customers have reported significant weight loss in 2 months. By drinking the tea daily you'll maintain a very high metabolic rate, BMR is a key determining factor in long-term and permanent weight loss success.

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Bodyfat Thickness
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Bodyfat Thickness

Another study published in Obesity Research, scientists from the University of Wisconsin found that original wild oolong tea contain extremely powerful naturally occurring antioxidants - polyphenols, naturally helps people lose weight and keep it off, many customers have reported lose weight naturally for over 10 years.

And according to a 30 Years study carried out by that Tea Science and Research Institute of China, people who drink original wild oolong slimming tea daily for a few months can see an increase in their BMR by as much as 50% to 60%. As the key to effective fat loss is by raising the body's BMR, people can significantly increase their ability to burn fat (thermogenic). if you are looking for an effective long term weight loss method, you will need to be able to control your metabolism naturally. The therogenic effect of fat-burning original wild oolong slimming tea means that you can raise your metabolism by up to 60%, significantly enhancing "thermogenesis" making your body burn fat and calories faster, this is best way to lose weight and keep it off naturally.

  • Reactivate Your Body's Natural Fat Burning Furnaces
  • Reactivate Your Body's Natural Fat Burning Furnaces

In a series of new studies, published in the medical journal Lipids in Health and Disease, naturally occurring antioxidants - polyphenols in original wild oolong slimming tea help you lose weight quickly, safely and permanently, More Importantly, clinical studies prove the active polyphenols really works fine, it actually increases metabolism by up to 60%, This means that by utilizing the powerful fat burning ingredients of the tea you will finally be able to achieve permanent weight loss results. Most people only need to drink the tea for a few months. This is enough time to increase their metabolic rate enough to lose any excess body fat. it's weight loss made simple, more than 90% of customers keep the weight off for a lifetime

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Happy Customers

I love that it's 100% natural

"I've already lost almost 20 lbs in the past two months using the original wild Oolong tea, I feel renewed both physically and mentally, my clothes are not tight many more, This tea is simply amazing! I love that it's 100% natural, It really works and I never had any side effects, I am feeling great about my results, would recommend it to friends, It's worth to try, Thank you for any help you can give me. God Bless."     Linda - Los Angeles, LA

Disclaimer:  results not typical, individual results may vary.

Happy Customers

I feel great, I look wonderful ... 5 Inches Gone!

"Love the wild oolong, Dropped 30 Lbs and 8 inches in 3 mos, This is the best method I have ever done, i still have a little fat, but not much at all, i have never felt so healthy in all my life, I am so pleased, i felt great and looked a lot younger, The wild tea is changing my life for the better, It does work, The tea is nutritional and tastes wonderful, I'm totally satisfied, Would buy again ... "     Rosalind - United Kingdom

Disclaimer:  results not typical, individual results may vary.

Happy Customers

Original Tea: So simple … So effective … So natural!

"My wife and I have tried a lot of diets, However, neither one of us could ever find a diet where we saw results, Since using wild oolong, Have lost over 38 lbs & 8 inches off my waist In 4 weeks and - and kept it all off, losing weight has given me much more confidence, I love oolong tea, awesome tea, It is really working for me, I'm impressed with this wild oolong & Will be back for more. "     Michael - United Kingdom

Disclaimer:  results not typical, individual results may vary.

Happy Customers

Wow ... I Feel And Look Like A New Person ...

"I am a mother of 1 small children, I am proud to say i've lost 29 lbs of body-fat in my 1st 3 weeks, As well as improving my health, I just can't believe the results, In my 30 years, I have NEVER looked so good! I feel I have more energy now, The original wild slimming oolong tea has worked so well for me, which also are delicious, I am loving this tea, It has changed my life for the better.     Patricia - Austin, TX

Disclaimer:  results not typical, individual results may vary.

Happy Customers

Original diet tea: feel good, feel healthy, feel natural

I have been taking wild oolong tea for about 8 weeks now, and we saw the results (body fat) drop 33 lbs, and 6 inches off my waist, I do finally found a tea that works, Results have been phenomenal, and tasted so much better than the others, Very happy with this wild oolong, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to lose weight and keep it off. Thanks for this great weight loss tea.     Barbara - St.Paul MN

Disclaimer:  results not typical, individual results may vary.

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A Recent Study Conducted by Tea Science and Research Institute of China

naturally break up and flush away stubborn, deep-stored bodyfat

  • an important new study about original wild oolong tea
  • an important new study about original wild oolong tea

An important new study has been launched by Tea Science and Research Institute of China: ... The research has shown that drinking between 3 and 6 cups of original wild oolong slimming tea daily for a period of 3 months will dramatically increase the body's natural ability to burn calories by over 50%, will naturally change body's metabolism from calories-storing to calories-burning, meaning that it is possible to attain and maintain lifelong weight loss and healthy weight management.

  • Calories Burned Chart
  • Calories Burned Chart

The most powerful effects of the active ingredients in wild oolong slimming tea

1) contains 100% pure natural antioxidants - polyphenols:  the pure natural polyphenols included in original wild oolong slimming tea actually help to boost the body's overall metabolic rate, causing increased heat production through the thermogenesis effect. This lets the body burn more calories to reduce body fat deposits. Users will enhance their capacity to melt fat and shed unwanted pounds. Polyphenol in the wild oolong tea is extremely beneficial in controlling obesity.

2) rich in active catechins:  The most potent of the catechins found is EGCG - a strong antioxidant, it is anywhere from two to three times more powerful than what is found in other teas. The EGCG can really help to maintain and improve overall health and and vitality naturally. Body fat can be controlled at a healthy and comfortable level, allowing users to live a well-balanced and healthier life. The original wild oolong tea is an extremely valuable health produce for people.

  • Discover how to lose weight fast and permanently
  • Discover how to lose weight fast and permanently

Due to the fact that the original wild oolong weight loss tea is completely natural and 100% pure, weight loss may initially be gradual. For the first two months after adding the tea to your healthy lifestyle, you should experience a steady improvement in your overall health and spirits. You will feel better within yourself than you had expected. Three months after taking the tea, your body will have developed a remarkable natural fat burning ability that will help you to – safely and naturally – shed body fat and keeps it off forever. This will truly help you to achieve and sustain permanent and lifelong weight loss success.

Natural Metabolism Boosting Solutions for Stripping Off
Stubborn Belly Fat

World's the most healthy way for losing excess bodyfat

A completely natural original wild oolong tea is much more beneficial than a cultivated one. The original wild oolong tea contains more potent natural antioxidants - polyphenols, It is therefore much more efficient at helping you to burn up a significant number of calories. This is the most natural way to get rid of stubborn belly fat. the original wild oolong tea is supreme in its fat oxidation properties.

  • Increases adipose oxidation & decreases adipose storage
  • Increases adipose oxidation & decreases adipose storage

original wild oolong tea is lightly-fermented for a delicious taste. It is extremely popular amongs the world's tea drinkers. In a new study, researchers have found that original wild Oolong tea contains pure natural antioxidants - polyphenols, which are responsible for its weight loss benefits and health giving qualities. original wild Oolong is world's best tea for promoting natural weight loss, and will greatly improve your overall health.

Shape Up with Original Oolong Tea® Lose 30+ Lbs without Dieting

increases adipose oxidation and decreases a dipose storage

According to a joint U.S.-China study study recently published, found that original wild oolong slimming tea contains higher amounts of antioxidants - polyphenols, can burn up to 200% more calories than ordinary tea. a leading scientist stated that "It is one of the most effective methods of losing body fat in a GENUINELY healthy way."

original wild oolong slimming tea: a long held Chinese secret for BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) enhancement and accelerated fat-burning, which safely dissolve excess fat cells to reduce fat storage. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, helping hundreds of thousands of men and women shed pounds and reduce body fat healthily and naturally.

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Natural, Health Weight Loss with Original Oolong Slimming Tea

According to new study published in the world's leading academic journals, original wild oolong tea contains a large amount of natural antioxidants-polyphenol, meaning that it has powerful fat-fighting properties, The polyphenol in wild oolong tea produce a strong thermogenic effect, which increases your metabolism and can give you extra energy to burn more calories, and to replace excess fat with muscle. If the tea is drunk daily it will significantly boost metabolic function, actually raising BMR to a higher level, extra calories will directly be converted into energy and body heat instead of being stored as body fat.

the permanent and lifelong weight loss solution is PROVEN and has helped 650,000 satisfied customers in over 70 countries and regions around the world.

Satisfied Customers from All Around the World

Further, research from China has shown that the purest polyphenol found in original wild oolong tea can increase metabolism by about 50 to 60%, which means that your metabolism will be quicker and the body will be able to burn excess calories more efficiently, this will naturally increase the rate at which calories can be burned off, and will block the absorption of adipose. any surplus calories will actually be converted into energy and body heat instead of being deposited as adipose (fat) cells.

Original Wu-yi Wild Oolong Diet Tea Burns 200% More Calories than Ordinary One

The weight loss benefits of drinking original wild oolong slimming tea have been known for years, original wild oolong slimming tea is currently the most popular weight loss product in territories such as the USA and Europe. How would you like to lose stubborn body fat and inches from your waistline within 30 days? You can follow the lead of the stars of Hollywood, where the tea is the number one weight loss product on the market. Everybody is talking about the amazing health benefits of this original wild Oolong slimming tea.

As Seen On TV - Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray endorsed original oolong slimming tea (also known as wu-yi tea or wu long tea ) as a natural, effective way to lose body fat and to promote overall health. This has been a traditional way of losing weight and of staying healthy for several thousands of years in China. Today it is benefiting the whole world.

...be Praised as China National Tea

According to IBISWorld: ... ... Sales of Original Oolong tea, the most popular beverage in the USA after carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, beer, milk, and coffee, have been steadily growing due to increasing consumer health consciousness over the past five years ...

The Tea is Renowned as the Imperial Tea in China, and was Offered as
a Tribute to Emperors

According to Chinese historic records, original wild oolong tea was offered as a tribute to Emperors for thousands of years. Imperial doctors ordered the tea to improve their emperor's longevity, and to keep them slim, healthy, and vibrant throughout their lives. It has bee an ancient secret in China, but today the tea is a famous and is one of the most popular beverages all over the world.

Ancient Chineses Secrets to Health, Longevity and Slim

Ancient Chinese secrets to losing weight healthily

In 2012, According to the newest study of Chinese Academy of Sciences: non-wild oolong tea and green tea also have fat-burning effects due to the presence of natural antioxidants within them. However, they did not appear to be as effective as the wild alternative. This is due to the fact that original wild oolong tea contains many more natural antioxidants than non-wild tea ... "the naturally occurring antioxidants automatically burn more calories converting it to heat and energy! " Said Dr. Xiaoming Wang.

100% Handmade tea directly come from local villager

The outstanding original wild oolong slimming tea is grown in the wild using traditional methods. The process has been used in China for several thousands of years. It is a lightly-fermented ( lightly oxidized ) tea, ranging from 30% to 40% ferment. This allows the tea to retain its maximum nutritional value, with almost no caffeine ( 95% less than ordinary Oolong ). It is arguably the most traditional and natural tea in China.

wild Wu-yi Oolong Tea

Only Loose-leaf Oolong Tea for Us

Most tea bags are typically of a very poor quality, and are machine processed so that you can't clearly see the tea leaves. Original wild oolong tea is a 100% handmade product, which comes directly from the wy yi Mt area. It is so fresh that you can actually see the size and shape of the wild oolong.

Original wu-yi wild oolong weight loss tea has become tone of he most popular drinks in the world today. It offers a mix of 100% pure natural ingredients and a fresh delicious taste. The tea is rich in the most beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. By drinking wild oolong tea regularly people can achieve lifelong weight loss results whilst at the same time receiving numerous health benefits.

Original wu-yi wild oolong slimming tea is a truly remarkable gift from Nature. Many people all over the world have enjoyed the exclusive benefits for many years, which is the secret as to why they are so health, slim and youthful in their appearance.

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main features

  • increase calorie burning by 60%
  • increase metabolic rate by 50%
  • increase thermogenesis up to 90%
How people beat a lifelong weight problem

original wild oolong

  • crops are grown in an ecologically natural environment
  • completely handmade and purely natural
  • delicious fresh taste with a pleasing natural aroma

really help you ...

  • helps promote your overall health
  • helps weight loss naturally and safely
  • help melt away the accumulation of belly fat
  • helps release unwanted body waste and toxins
  • helps rev up metabolism and burn off more calories
start lose weight today

the original wild oolong slimming tea will increase body's metabolism to accelerate the natural calorie-burning process

Ingredients Study of Wild Oolong

the most famous and exclusive type of tea in China is original wild oolong slimming tea, It's production is rarer than other teas. Its superior quality has resulted in it being regarded as the National Tea of China.

Drink Oolong Tea Weight Loss Results

results not typical,
your results may vary.
the tea are not for people who only want to lose weight temporarily, It is an all-natural solution for lifelong weight control and healthy living.

Weight Loss Results

... ... probably the healthiest drink you can get ... it contain 100% naturally absorbed antioxidants, which are the key ingredients to maintaining a healthy iifestyle and achieving weight loss goals.

Try Weight Loss Naturally

Weight Loss Results

original wild oolong slimming tea has been clinically proven to enhance weight loss and improve overall health with no negative side effects.

Weight Loss Results

Drink Oolong Tea

researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with scientists from the Tea Science and Research Institute of China, have discovered the potent ingredients in oolong slimming tea which may help you to safely get rid of significant amounts of unhealthy adipose (fat) cells.

Lifelong Weight Problem

you will lose a lot of excess belly fat if you raise your metabolism and lower you calorie intake. even a slight increase in you metabolism rate will speed up belly fat loss.

Drinking Oolong to Lose Body Fat